Ambassador Orobiyi Quadri Oluwabamise is the convener of Naija Celebrity Cup (NCC) and a certified Sports Administrator by Sports Management Worldwide, Portland United States. He is a mentor, trainer, entrepreneur and
inspirer of great conducts and works exclusively with people who want to do great across the globe and who are ready to embrace their true purpose in life.
He is a Global Ambassador and Consultant for many organization’s both home and abroad with amazing 11 years of experience in organizing Sporting Events, Training and Empowering Children, Youth, Adult, and people in general helping them to be their best in life. He is now uses his talents to assist his people especially youth across the globe to build solid foundations, allowing them to focus on the creative dreaming that they need to do to inspire themselves and others to live a better kind of life and do good.
Ambassador Orobiyi Quadri Oluwabamise is an active online person, and
enjoys connecting online with like-minded.


Convener- Naija Celebrity Cup (NCC)