Sport unites people from different parts of the world despite the geographic, political, linguistic, religious, economic and cultural differences.
Sport fans from across the globe are equally unique in their exuberance, enthusiasm and loyalty to their favorite players. We share this passionate love for sport with our fans. That’s why our activities always aim to bring people together through sports.

Our passion for sport is the heart of our business. Our role is to maximize the opportunities created by sports assets, generating true value and returns for everyone involved. Contact us if you want to see how some of our partners and clients are successfully using our sport methods to achieve their goals and grow their market share.
With access to some of the most experienced and qualified high performance consultants within professional sport, our team offers a range of services with the objective of improving overall performance both on and off the field.

The Naija Celebrity Cup (7th of December to 12th of December, 2017),
is a tournament for entertainment industry in Nigeria, and therefore
time for media to promote the participants to the whole world. Our
media partners will be TV, Radio, Prints and Social Media Organizations.

  • Large advertising campaign displayed on major axis around
    the Nigeria.
  • Advertising campaigns and press releases weekly magazines
    and specialized press.
  • Frequently updated website and social media platforms.
  • Very large press, interview, TV & media coverage.